SenseAble Science

The Museum of Science and Innovation (miSci) offers a sensory-friendly experience on the last Sunday of each month, in partnership with Schenectady ARC and the Autism Society Greater Hudson Region. The museum opens early for family members to bring a loved one with autism, and they provide visual support and trained staff throughout the exhibits. […]

SenseAble Movies

In collaboration with the Schenectady ARC, SenseAble Movies provide a sensory accessible movie experience for those with Autism and other sensory needs. Lights stay on and sound is lowered, and there is the ability to vocalize and move freely in the theater without fear of being asked to leave. Join us for a screening of […]

SenseAble Swimming

In partnership with local pools, SenseAble Swimming is a great night to spend with friends and family who need a sensory-friendly place to swim. The lifeguard and staff on site have been trained by the Autism Society to be in tune with the unique needs of swimmers on the spectrum. Guests can enjoy swimming, board […]

SenseAble Gaming

In partnership with Gaming Insomniacs, our Urban CoWorks neighbors, the Autism Society Greater Hudson Region is offering a brand new SenseAble Program. Designed for teens and tweens (ages 10-18), this is a Supported Social Opportunity. Console games will be available, and there will be Autism Society Staff onsite to offer support. Have a Nintendo Switch? […]

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