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Welcome to “Speaking of the Spectrum” – an Autism Podcast, for everyone!

Hosts Shahrukh Sultan and Joe Templin navigate the colorful world of autism with heart, humor, and insightful guests. Join them as they share personal stories, decode parenting challenges, and celebrate remarkable individuals in the autism community.

Tune in for an inspiring journey filled with love, laughter, and spectrum insights! New Episodes every Friday on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Follow on Instagram and TikTok for the latest updates.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 10 – Season Finale: As we bid farewell to our inaugural season, “Speaking of the Spectrum” takes a moment to pause and reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on together. 

In the season finale, aptly titled “Introspecting the Spectrum,” Shahrukh and Joe revisit the path they’ve traveled since the beginning. They reminisce about the highlights of the season, sharing laughter and insights along the way, and shining a spotlight on the most memorable #joesgems.

Today’s “Fact of the Day” delves into the realm of epigenetics, unveiling new research that underscores the importance of monitoring BPA and plastics, especially for children on the spectrum, to mitigate potential additional challenges.

Turning to the Autism Society‘s offerings, the hosts showcase special products available on their online store, including a limited edition aluminum bottle and branded running socks, supporting the organization’s mission. (Link to ASGHR’s online store:

In honoring our “Hero of the Day,” the spotlight shines on autistic writers whose innovative contributions shape our world. The discussion emphasizes the unique strengths of individuals on the spectrum and the importance of nurturing their talents to unlock their full potential.

Continuing the conversation, Shahrukh and Joe reaffirm the vital role of parents in recognizing and nurturing their children’s unique skills, emphasizing the power of encouragement and support.

Amid shameless plugs and product placements, Joe’s book “Everyday Excellence” takes center stage. Designed as a daily self-help guide tailored for each calendar day, the book’s ADHD-friendly approach resonates with the audience.

The hosts dive into feedback from their dedicated followers, cherishing every message, even those taken out of context, and reliving cherished moments from the season.

Wrapping up the episode, the Autism Dads And Moms (ADAM) Project takes center stage once again, emphasizing the importance of cherishing precious moments with our children, underscoring the profound impact on our kids on the spectrum.

Join Shahrukh, Joe, and their loyal listeners as they embark on a heartfelt journey of introspection and gratitude in “Introspecting the Spectrum“.

Episode 9: The penultimate episode of our first season, “Just In the Spectrum” , delves into a myriad of topics, offering a rich and enlightening discussion for our listeners.

Kicking off the episode, Shahrukh and Joe address the common struggle of insomnia, not only for individuals on the spectrum but also for autism parents. They introduce a bio-hack involving music to combat sleep deprivation, providing practical tips for a better night’s sleep.

Today’s “Fact of the Day” segment sparks a conversation around the rising prevalence of adult autism diagnoses and its implications, from military service to cognitive abilities. They explore the concept of syncopation and its relevance to attention spans in contemporary society, drawing parallels from the world of jazz music.

Recognizing our “Hero of the Day,” Lieutenant-Colonel Trevor Semeniuk, the hosts celebrate his remarkable journey as someone with autism and ADHD. Trevor’s “constellation thinking” abilities are highlighted for their unique approach to processing information.

Adding an intriguing twist, our special “wildcard” guest Justin Gaines joins the conversation. Justin, who secured his spot on the podcast at our Soirée for Autism, shares his personal connection to the spectrum and the journey of adult diagnoses. He sheds light on his own podcast, “The Balanced Blueprints Podcast,” which explores the intricate relationship between health and wealth. Together, they delve into the pursuit of balance in life and challenge the notion of striving for perfection.

As Justin’s candid sharing opens the door to deeper discussions, the value of self-awareness emerges as a central theme. The hosts explore how self-awareness can lead to adult diagnoses and its profound impact later in life compared to childhood.

Join Shahrukh, Joe, and their esteemed guests as they navigate the complexities of sleep, syncopation, and self-awareness in “Just In The Spectrum“.

Episode 8: In this episode of “Speaking of the Spectrum,” we kick off by helping Shahrukh make #joesgems go viral while sharing heartwarming feedback received from viewers and listeners.

Exploring the crucial connection between autism and sleep, the hosts discuss how sleep deprivation or insomnia can impact social interactions and daily routines. They shed light on the challenges faced by individuals on the spectrum and offer insights into managing sleep-related issues.

The conversation shifts to the extraordinary talent of Stephen Wiltshire, a cityscape artist renowned for his ability to capture intricate details of global skylines. This discussion leads to exploring how autistic individuals process and display vast amounts of information, highlighting their potential contributions in the workplace.

With the Autism Dads and Moms (ADAM) Project, Shahrukh and Joe emphasize its purpose beyond a catchy name (HINT: #ryanreynolds) aiming to provide a platform for sharing practical tips and tricks for autism parents. Today’s tip focuses on recalibration and resetting routines for children on the spectrum.

In a poignant moment, the hosts address the challenges faced by parents of autistic children, encouraging them not to give up despite the hardships. They share personal experiences, urging parents to give themselves grace and continue stepping up for their families, emphasizing the importance of resilience and support within the autism community.

Tune in for an emotional and empowering episode of “Speaking of the Spectrum.” 


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