The Autism Society Greater Hudson Region runs programs for Autistic children, teens and adults throughout the Capital Region. Our offerings include:

SenseAble Programs

We offer SenseAble Programs in partnership with local businesses and organizations throughout the Greater Capital Region. We adapt the experiences they provide to be more sensory-friendly, and therefore more accessible to people on the autism spectrum and their families. This expands on our mission to create opportunities for individuals affected by autism to live fuller lives.

Staff members from the Autism Society meet with businesses and organizations to recommend modifications unique to each experience offered. These typically include allowances to make the environment less overstimulating, and opportunities for attendees to freely express themselves. We also provide training for staff to recognize and assist the needs of individuals at the event. One of our expert staff members is onsite for each event to provide assistance.

We will have updates coming soon for our SenseAble Programs.

Contact us if you would like to work with us on creating your own sensory-friendly event! Here are some of our most successful events:

  • SenseAble Swimming
    In partnership with local community pools, SenseAble Swimming offers a fun night for friends and family who need a sensory-friendly place to swim. The lifeguard and staff on site are trained by the Autism Society to be in tune with the unique needs of swimmers on the autism spectrum. Guests can enjoy swimming, board games, and other fun activities, and picnicking is encouraged. In the summer of 2019, we worked with the Waterford Town Pool to offer multiple nights of SenseAble Swimming.

Structured Life Coaching

We specifically tailored this program for the unique needs of adults on the autism spectrum, whether they are in college, employed, or seeking employment. Individuals work one-on-one with a coach who helps them navigate adult life, reach their goals, and make positive life changes. Coaches provide a variety of supportive services, and help their mentees become acquainted with helpful resources and services in their community. Adults work one-on-one with their coach to develop an action-oriented plan, and the coach serves as both a strategist and an accountability platform. A coach can help with achieving goals for independence, socializing, mental health, and more.

Contact us if you think structured life coaching will help you succeed in achieving your goals.

Programs and Services by Age Range

All Ages (Family and Individual Support)

  • Information and Referral
  • System Navigation
  • Support: Group and Individual
  • Education and Training

Children and Teens

  • SenseAble Swimming (Pre-School to High School)


  • College Success Program (Young Adults)
  • Structured Life Coaching (Age 18-60+)
  • Adult Support Group (Age 18-60+)
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